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“The Trinity Trumpet”

Seeking Him, Serving Him!” 

Volume 40 Number 10               October 2007


Pastor's Pen - Church Growth - Numbers - Children's Ministry

The Pastor’s Pen!!!

How Big is God? Remember the song, “How Big is God?” “He’s big enough to rule the mighty universe, but small enough to live inside my heart.” Lately at Trinity God is showing Himself to be Bigger than we believe. God just keeps doing more and more miracles in our midst, and the more we allow Him to be God and to move in our midst, the more He wants to do for us.

How Big is Your God? We have a habit of limiting God. We limit Him by what we allow Him to do in our lives, simply because we don’t believe He is able to take care of our particular problem. We say “It’s not a big problem,” like cancer, a heart attack, or dying, but it is a Heart problem! The problem is in our heart, we make God out to be smaller than He really is. We say we believe God is able to save any sinner, cleanse any sin, handle any situation, and take care of any problem, but when it comes down to it, we act like God can’t take care of our problem, or handle the situation we’re going through, and we end up limiting God by what He can do. He’s not Big enough.

When David went to fight Goliath, the other Israelites said, “that Giant is so Big!” David agreed, “Yeah, he’s too Big to Miss!” David said, “My God is Bigger!” “God is bigger than any mountain, bigger than all my fears, God is bigger than any problem that I can or cannot see.” Look what He has been doing at Trinity the last few months. How many miracles does it take for us to see what He’s doing, Bob’s heart attack, Mark’s stroke, Pastor’s accident? They’re Back!

John the Baptist said, “He must increase & I must decrease!”


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10 Easy Steps to No Church Growth.

If you will follow these 10 easy Steps, they are guaranteed to kill any church program or any church growth, and will help your pastor start looking for another place of service.

  1. Support only those events and programs that most convenient for you, because you probably “won’t get anything out of it” anyway.

  2. Complain as often as you can to as many people as you can, about the Church, the pastor, or other members.

  3. Absolutely Do Not Tithe. It’s ok to give a few dollars for an offering, whatever you may have left over, but remember you have bills to pay.

  4. Never allow personal Bible Study to interfere with your schedule, or the things you want to do, your job, family, & recreation comes first.

  5. When it is necessary to attend a Worship Service or Bible Study, don’t bother bringing your Bible or waste time taking notes.

  6. Promote your personal freedom of religion. Do what you want whenever you want, even if it’s not right for someone else to do it.

  7. Whenever possible, affirm your belief in Jesus, but never allow Him to be Lord over you and your life. Be realistic, it’s your life.

  8. Have no concern for the needs of others, you worked hard for what you have, they should do the same. Let the government help them.

  9. Never volunteer to cooperate, or share with others in ministry, most likely they don’t believe just like you do, so that means they’re wrong.

  10. Last, but most importantly, Never Ever admit your faults, never ask for forgiveness, and Never ask God what He wants you to do.

Adapted from article by Steve Manuel, Director of Missions,

Strawberry Baptist Association, Bedford, VA

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September’s Numbers

Sunday School - 87 + 22 (Ns Home) Worship Service - 128 + 9 (Ch Ch)

Beginning Checkbook Balance $235.63.

Sept Receipts $15,453.04 Disbursements $14,965.98

Ending Checkbook Balance $722.69

Building Fund $52,111.35 Scholarship Fund $9,127.34.

YTD Receipts - $15,453.04 - YTD Expenditures - $14,965.98

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Children's Ministry

Awanas has started back up and is in full swing. Awanas is a Fun way for the kids to study the Bible. We had a Kick-Off with snow cones, cotton candy, cookies, hot-dogs, and lots of kids. We are collecting Canned Goods for the Hungry, if we get enough, the pastor has to eat Jell-O. We have leaders, but we need more men, and we need more children, we’ll take all we can get.

Invite your Friends!

Children’s Church got started off for the new Church Year with a new Series. It’s called the Big Book of No-Object Object Talks. It’s All About God, God’s Love, God’s Promises, Loving God, Praising God.

Children’s Church is just like Big Church, except on their level. We Sing, we Pray, we Preach, just like the adults do in Big Church. We have 4 Teams working in Children’s Church, but we could use 1 more Team, for 5th Sundays.

Want to Help?

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