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“The Trinity Trumpet”

“Seeking Him, Serving Him” 

Volume 44 Number 11               November 2011

Pastor's Pen - Carol's Notes - Numbers - Upcoming Events - Youth - Pantry

The Pastor's Pen

Jeremiah is called the weeping prophet, because he cried over the wickedness of Israel & the fall of Jerusalem.  Lamentations is a funeral cry for Israel & city of Jerusalem.  But in the midst of tragedy & tears, Jeremiah cries out to God “Great is Thy Faithfulness.”  God has never Failed us, yet.

God is Faithful in All Conditions. Jeremiah lamented over the Condition of the Country & Churches, but God Triumphs through our Tears, because God is Greater.  God is faithful when things look darkest, His Faithfulness revives us.  Habakkuk says, “though the Fruit, Fields & Flocks Fail, yet I will Rejoice.

God is Faithful in His Mercy & Compassion. Mercy is not getting what we deserve, God offers Hope for troubled Hearts.  Sympathy says “I’m sorry,” Empathy says “I feel what you feel,” but Compassion Cares for those Hurting & does something about it. God meets us in our Sins & Sorrows, He does something when we can’t.  1 John 1:9 If we Confess our Sin, He is Faithful to Forgive us.

God is Faithful when we Place our Confidence in Him.  The Lord is my Light & Salvation, whom shall I fear (Psalm 27:1).  Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust & not be afraid: for JEHOVAH is my strength & song; He also is my salvation (Isa 12:2)

God was Faithful to Israel in Egypt, Exodus & the Exile, even when they weren’t faithful to Him.  God is Faithful, No Matter the Situation.  Seek Him, Serve Him, Wait on Him, but Trust Him.

“Trust me, Try Me, Prove Me, saith the Lord of Hosts.”


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Carol's Notes

Aren’t we glad that the direction of our lives is in the perfect hands of our Lord, not the erring hands of a human?  I learned that lesson in such a dramatic way a few nights ago.  I was privileged to direct the associational choir for the annual meeting at our church.  The choir had met for two rehearsals and did a great job learning three pieces of new music.  I had listened to the music numerous times to be sure I was prepared.  The night came, our choir loft was filled to capacity, we had a great warm-up and we were ready.  Two of the three anthems went just as planned.  The last one started great, then it happened – I turned two pages at the same time and missed bringing the choir in at the proper time.  We recovered and finished the anthem beautifully but I was so disappointed in myself.  The choir was in my hands, following my direction and I lead them astray.  Aren’t we glad that the hands of our Lord won’t turn (reveal) too many pages of our life at one time, He won’t let go of us and He can “bless our mess” and use us in a mighty way (as He did with the choir) in spite of the mistakes we make along the way.

As we turn our thoughts toward Thanksgiving, we don’t want to forget to count our blessings but I bet our first thoughts are of the good food we’ll share with our families and friends.  Well, here’s some food for thought for the Thanksgiving season.  Did you ever consider that what God does for us when we accept his gift of salvation is much like the preparation we do with a pumpkin?  God lifts you up, takes you in and washes all the dirt off of you.  He opens you up, touches you deep inside and scoops out all the yucky stuff including the seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc.  Then he carves you a new smiling face and puts His light inside you to shine for all the world to see.  That in itself is plenty of reason to be thankful this season!

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you and remember - don’t eat toooooo much!  Keep a song in your heart!

Carol (Judges 5:3)

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October's Numbers

Sunday School - 57 + 19 (Nursing Home)

September Receipts - $17,350.62    /    Disbursements - $17,307.95

Building Fund - $17,418.27    /    Scholarship Fund - $15,020.25

YTD Receipts - $30,551.16    /    YTD Expenditures - $30,434.58

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Upcoming Events



Please circle Saturday, November 12th on your calendar.

You won’t want to miss all of the Fun, Good Food & Fellowship

at the WINGS Luncheon!!!!  (11 am – 1 pm)

Important dates/events in November to make note of:


Our Lottie Moon Christmas Offering begins in November and goes thru December.

Our Goal for this year is $1,500.   We encourage everyone to GIVE!


November 16th – Our Quarterly Business Meeting, 7 pm

November 19th – Our Annual Scholarship Fund Southern Flavoring Sale

November 23rd – Our Special Candlelight Thanksgiving Service w/Communion, 7 pm


And Remember…Give THANKS for our many Blessings!!


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The renovations to the Youth room seem to be coming to an end; we invite you to come down and check it out!  Thanks so much to Sam Hardy, Tim Maynard & Pete Kirby for all of the work they have put into this…they have done a Great job!

Wednesday nights and Sunday nights we have been studying 1 Corinthians in-depth since July 27th.  Just this past week we finished chapter 8, which is the half way marker.

About two months ago we launched a Sunday morning Youth Service in which we provide the youth with their style of worship and lessons geared towards them.  We are currently going over 6 books that every Christian should know; we are just starting Romans.  We invite you to come down at 9:30 am to join us for worship!

We ask that if you bring any items for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, that they be in by November 6th.  And if you do have items to donate we ask that you also donate $7 because each box cost $7 to ship.

Thank you for your time and God bless!


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Please help our Pantry by donating!

We appreciate your kind & generous response to our need for more food!

Anything you can donate will be greatly appreciated!


JANUARY - Canned Green Beans, Sweet Peas, Corn, Carrots, Mixed Vegetables, Canned White Potatoes, Canned Sweet Potatoes, Dried Beans (any kind)

FEBRUARY - Canned Peaches, Fruit Cocktail, Pears, Applesauce, Chicken Noodle, Beef Vegetable & Tomato Soup

MARCH - Tuna, Beef Stock, Chicken, Salmon (All meats MUST be canned)

APRIL - Grape Jelly/Jam, Peanut Butter (smooth)

MAY - Comet/Ajax, Pine-Sol, Laundry Detergent, Dish Detergent, Paper Towels

JUNE - Baby Food (please check date), Baby Shampoo, Baby Soap, Baby Lotion, Baby Powder

JULY - Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Shampoo, Bar Soap, Solid Deodorant

AUGUST - Canned Spaghetti O’s, Dried Pasta (elbow, spaghetti & rice), Oatmeal (plain), Cereal (breakfast)

SEPTEMBER - Pickles, Catsup, Mustard, Pancake Mix, Pancake Syrup

OCTOBER - GETTING READY FOR THANKSGIVING! Turkeys, Stuffing Mix, Canned gravy, Canned Sweet Potatoes

NOVEMBER - Stuffing Mix, Canned Gravy, Canned Sweet Potatoes, Canned Vegetables & Canned Fruit

DECEMBER - To be Announced

~~~"Don't Forget"~~~

Post list on your refrigerator as a reminder of what is needed for each month

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