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ďThe Trinity TrumpetĒ

ďSeeking Him, Serving HimĒ 

Volume 42 Number 11               November 2009

Pastor's Pen - Carol's Notes - Youth - Upcoming Events - Pantry

The Pastorís Pen!!!

    We are in transition in the Strawberry Baptist Association. We do not have a Director of Missions, most committees arenít functioning properly & finances are tight. We canít keep doing the same old thing in the same old way & expect different results. What we are doing & the way we have been doing it, is not working, we are not reaching Bedford with the gospel.

    Thanksgiving Day, November 26th! A day set aside for us to give Thanks, 1 day a year. Are we truly Thankful for All the Blessings God has given us? Why should we be Thankful? Psalm 106 says Give Thanks because God is Good (All the Time) & His Mercy endures forever. For what are you Thankful?

    I am Thankful for the Simplicity of the Gospel, so simple a child can understand. The Bible says preach the Cross, & preach Christ Crucified on that Old Rugged Cross. Preach Jesus is the Son of God who died on the Cross to save us from our Sins. Jesus became Sin for us, so He could die in our place. And the Good News is Jesus not only Died for our Sins, but now is Alive in Heaven. Now thatís something to be very Thankful about.

    I am Thankful for Salvation through Godís Son, that Jesus is the Only Way to be Saved. There is No Other Way, No Other Name, whereby we can be Saved. By the Grace of God & through Jesus, Godís Son, Anyone can be Saved. Thatís why there are 3 Crosses on Calvary, so everyone could be saved, even though some will reject Him. Thank You Lord, for Saving my Soul!

    I am Thankful for the Sufficiency of God, that an all All-Knowing, All-Powerful God would bankrupt Heaven for one of His own. God can Do Anything, except Fail! He can Save any sinner, Forgive any sin, Solve any situation. But God can also meet my needs, any need that I may have, all I have to do is ask. If He could feed 5,000 with 5 loaves of bread & 2 fish, surely he could take care of 1 little person, me. So, Thank God for His Many Blessings.

"Thank You, Lord, for Your Blessings on Me.Ē


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Carol's Notes

        LET THE GLORY OF THE LORD RISE AMONG US!! I canít explain to you in words what it sounds like when 10,000 people raise their voices in praise. At the conference I attended with my daughter the last weekend in September, I think perhaps I got a small glimpse of what the heavenly chorus will sound like. Wow, what a glorious sound that will be!

        As we turn the calendar to November our thoughts turn to the month we in America celebrate Thanksgiving. Weíve had no many visual reminders of the beauty of this season as we watched the leaves change to their dramatic fall colors and the fall mums burst forth in bloom. It wonít be too many days before we turn our thoughts to those delicious family dinners with turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes and all the other yummy trimmings. One of my favorite memories of Thanksgiving is the first time I made pumpkin pie without using store-bought canned pumpkin. When we first got married, Bill was still planting a large garden and this particular year had planted pumpkins. They were not the prettiest pumpkins I had ever seen because they were not the typical beautiful orange pumpkin I was used to seeing. As they ripened and were ready for picking, I began to think about how to make pumpkin pie using this freshly picked pumpkin, something I had never done. Much to my amazement, the pies made using those fresh pumpkins were the best I had ever tasted Ė maybe it was just ďbeginnerís luckĒ but they were mighty good. Did you ever consider that what God does for us when we accept his gift of salvation is much like the preparation we do with a pumpkin? Hereís some food for thought for the Thanksgiving holiday: God lifts you up, takes you in and washes all the dirt off of you. He opens you up, touches you deep inside and scoops out all the yucky stuff including the seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc. Then he carves you a new smiling face and puts His light inside you to shine for all the world to see. That in itself is plenty of reason to be thankful this season!

        November continues to find the choir busily working on our Christmas music. Let me take this opportunity to invite you to join with us for the holiday. If you cannot make a long-term commitment to the choir but would like to sing for the holiday season, please feel free to join us on Wednesday night for the next few weeks. Itís not too late to be a part of the music for this exciting time of the year.

        November is one of those months with a 5th Sunday, so get ready for lots of singing on that day!

        Thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers concerning my mother. When you read this newsletter, Iíll be in Hattiesburg visiting with her. I will be staying with my brother, Wade, and our other brother is coming while I am there. It will be great for the three of us to be together and to all be able to walk into Motherís room at one time. Continue to pray for her healing.

        Happy Thanksgiving to all my church family and remember Ė donít eat tooooooo much!!!

        Keep a song in your heart!

Carol (Judges 5:3)

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ďThese men who have turned the world upside down have come here also.Ē (Acts 17:6b)

Collide - to come together with violent, direct impact. This is what we are trying to do with the youth group, to collide with culture in order to show them Christ. Our vision statement: Collide by Conforming to Christ, Impacting and Uniting Individuals, and Colliding with Culture.

Conforming to Christ: Without Conforming to Christ we can never truly reach out to those in need. We are teaching about Christ on Sunday mornings through our new Student Life material.

Impacting and Uniting Individuals: We are teaching how to Impact and Unite through Sunday Night small groups and Wednesday night with our new series ď1 UpĒ based on the book of James.

Colliding with Culture: We are serving our community one Sunday night a month through various service projects.

Through these different essentials we plan to change the world for Christ by turning Bedford upside down for Christ!


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Upcoming Events

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Thank You, Trinity Baptist Church!

Because of your generosity, we have been able to help several families in our community who needed food and other items.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, our Pantry is in need of Re-Stocking.

The Church will provide Gift Certificates from Vista Foods to purchase milk, bread, cheese & meat.

For those less fortunate Families, we want to fix Food Baskets for the Thanksgiving & Christmas Holidays!



JANUARY - Canned Green Beans, Sweet Peas, Corn, Carrots, Mixed Vegetables, Canned White Potatoes, Canned Sweet Potatoes, Dried Beans (any kind)

FEBRUARY - Canned Peaches, Fruit Cocktail, Pears, Applesauce, Chicken Noodle, Beef Vegetable & Tomato Soup

MARCH - Tuna, Bunker Hill Beef Stock, Chicken, Salmon (All meats MUST be canned)

APRIL - Grape Jelly/Jam, Peanut Butter (smooth)

MAY - Comet/Ajax, Pine-Sol, Laundry Detergent, Dish Detergent, Paper Towels

JUNE - Baby Food (please check date), Baby Shampoo, Baby Soap, Baby Lotion, Baby Powder

JULY - Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Shampoo, Bar Soap, Solid Deodorant

AUGUST - Canned Spaghetti Oís, Dried Pasta (elbow, spaghetti & rice), Oatmeal (plain), Cereal (breakfast)

SEPTEMBER - Pickles, Catsup, Mustard, Pancake Mix, Pancake Syrup

OCTOBER - GETTING READY FOR THANKSGIVING! Turkeys, Stuffing Mix, Canned gravy, Canned Sweet Potatoes

NOVEMBER & DECEMBER - To be Announced

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