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“The Trinity Trumpet”

“Seeking Him, Serving Him” 

Volume 41 Number 5               May 2008


Pastor's Pen - Numbers - Thanks - Strawberry Baptist Association

The Pastor’s Pen!!!

Welcome Springtime!  May is here, with a promise of Spring, warm weather, pretty flowers & grass to mow.  Thank You Lord, for the Rain!  But May is also the time we honor our Mother’s.  Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mothers out there.  There are many Mothers in the Bible, 4 are listed in the genealogy of Jesus. 

In Matthew 15, an unknown Mother of Great Faith comes to Jesus seeking help for her daughter.  How do I know she is a Mother of Great Faith?  Jesus said so!  This Gentile Mother came to Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, believing He could take care of her problem, when she had been unsuccessful everywhere else she turned.  She had plenty of other problems at home, at work, but the biggest problem was her daughter.  Her daughter was demon-possessed & the doctors were unable to help.  This Mother of Great Faith came to Jesus, believing He could take care of her daughter.  Do we take our cares & concerns to Jesus, believing He is able?

But when this Mother of Great Faith brought her daughter to Jesus, the disciples told her to go away.  Even Jesus didn’t answer, at first.  But she remained persistent.  She continued to worship & pray; asking, seeking, knocking, waiting for an answer.  She believed Jesus was the answer & she was going to keep on asking & seeking Jesus until she got an answer.  Do we remain persistent in prayer, even when we can’t see or hear the answers we seek?

This Mother of Great Faith not only believed Jesus could solve her daughter’s problem, she lived like she believed.  Because of her faith in Jesus, she received the Promise of Faith.  “According to your Faith, let it be done unto you.”  (Matt 9:29)  We don’t know who this Mother of Great Faith was, we only know she was a Mother of Great Faith.  Faith is better than Beauty, because beauty is fleeting.  Faith is better than Finances, because money will not last.  Faith is better than Influence, because people’s opinions change based upon what you do for them.  Trust in the Lord!

Be a Mother of Great Faith!  You Believe God?  Then Live Like It!


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April’s Numbers

Sunday School - 78 + 28 (Ns Hme)  Worship Service - 147

Beginning Checkbook Balance $184.95.

Apr Receipts $14,307.69      Disbursements $13,912.03

Ending Checkbook Balance $580.59

Building Fund $49,438.34    Scholarship Fund $13,025.71

YTD Receipts - $127,788.57  -  YTD Expenditures - $127,443.61

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Praise God for the Gospel Sing!


$1,400 was taken up for our Trinity Scholarship Fund.  Scholarships will be handed out on Sunday, June 1st, during the morning Worship Service!

Seniors, Invite your Parents.



I would like to Thank Everyone,

(12 adults & 4 Youth)

Who worked for

Christmas in Action

On Saturday, the 26th of April


This was a Local Missions Project on a home right here in Bedford County.

We put a new Roof on her house and painted the Outside of the house.

Inside, we remodeled the bathroom, painted, cleaned & updated the kitchen.

Pete Kirby

Men’s Ministry

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Strawberry Baptist Association

At the April Business Meeting, an update on the status of the Strawberry Baptist Association was given.  Steve Manuel, Director of Missions, presented a report to the SBA Executive Board Meeting that we have reached a critical stage in the Association.  In 2007, the Association spent $13,500 more than we received from the member Churches.  Steve presented several “options” that we need to consider as an Association, ranging from selling the building to going part-time to dissolving the Association. 

Over the last ten years, giving to Total Mission causes by the Churches has increased to over $1,000,000 and have been as high as $1.3 million, but giving to the Association has stayed relatively the same, from $89,300 to $95,250.  Giving to the Cooperative Program, which funds our home and foreign missionaries, has increased from $250,000 to $350,000.  As an Association, we are giving more to Missions, doing more Missions, but we are not giving to, or working through, the Association.

In the last ten years, SBA Membership has decreased from 12, 350 Total Members to 11,947 (over 400) and Resident Members have dropped from 10,163 to 9,455 (over 700).  SS Attendance has dropped from 3,160 to 2,192 (over 1100) and Worship Attendance has dropped from 4,181 to 3,785 (over 400).

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