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“The Trinity Trumpet”

“Seeking Him, Serving Him” 

Volume 49 Number 2              February 2016

Pastor's Pen - Carol's Notes - Numbers - Events - Pantry

From the Pastor’s Desk!

     The Great Commandment is to Love God with All our Heart, Mind, Soul & Strength. In 1st John, John gives us 6 Tests to Prove that we really Love God - Experiencing God’s Love, Turning Away from Sin, Marked by God’s Love, having a Clean Heart, Testing the Spirits of False Teachers & Loving One Another. God is Love, His Great Love Died to Prove it.
     God is Love, we can Know God through Love. God’s Love is displayed in 1 supreme act, the Cross. For God so Loved the world that He gave His Son to Die on the Cross. In Revelation, Jesus is called the Lamb of God, slain from the foundation of the world. Loving God, Loving each other, Proves we have been Born Again.
     God is Love, others See God through Love. God is Not Known by Sight, He is Known by Love, by His Love through us. We have the Holy Spirit in us that Leads us, Helps us to Love others. Our Testimony is to Love God by Word & Deed & let others see Jesus in us. Progression of Faith – Know God, Believe God, Love God.
     God is Love, His Love is Completed in us. Love Delivers us from Judgment, our name is written in the Book of Life. Love Delivers us from Fear, we do not have a spirit of fear, but of power. Love makes us Overcomers, we overcome Satan by the Blood of Jesus, the Word of God & we love God more than our own lives. We Love Him because He first Loved us.
     God is Love, His Agape Love was demonstrated when Jesus Died on the Cross to pay the Price for our Sins. Jesus Replaced us, Reconciled us, Redeemed us & Restored us to a Right Relationship with God. The Good News is; we are going to spend Eternity with Him in Heaven. All because of God’s Great Love!


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    Carol's Notes   

     About eight weeks ago our granddaughter, Morgen, left for Navy boot camp in Great Lakes, Illinois. When she flew away she left behind all her modern technology (cell phone, computer). We knew that her phone calls home would be extremely limited so in order to keep in touch with her we were going to have to send those old-fashioned, handwritten letters. She was gone nearly two weeks (she left December 8th) before we received her address so her first letter from us was sent in an “across the miles” Christmas card. Since then it has become a part of my Sunday activities to write her a letter and get it ready for Monday’s mail.
     I hope the letters she has received from us brought her the same joy we have experienced with each letter from her. Bill was like a kid with a new toy when he brought in the mail the day our first letter came. What’s more, it was written on military stationery! We have received three letters from her and have worn them out reading and re-reading them.
     By the time you read this, I’ll be in Great Lakes attending her graduation from boot camp. After a few days together, we’ll fly back home and Morgen will fly to Pensacola, Florida (my hometown) for her aviation electronics training. Think it goes without saying that a trip to Pensacola is coming soon! I know she will have her cell phone and computer with her so keeping in touch will be much faster and easier but I hope to continue mailing her an old-fashioned letter once in a while.
     What a precious connection to her and treasure these letters have become. Perhaps that’s how John Burton, Sr., felt when he penned the words to the hymn “Holy Bible, Book Divine.” Not only was Mr. Burton a Christian, he was a Baptist and a Sunday school teacher!! The first edition of the Nottingham Sunday School Union Hymn Book had 43 hymns with his name on them but he is best known for “Holy Bible, Book Divine.” The hymn begins “Holy Bible, Book Divine, Precious treasure, thou art mine.” What a collection of history, incredible stories and characters and letters our Bible contains. Do we treasure it – do we wear it out from reading and studying it everyday? Psalm 119:11 reminds us to “hide His words in our heart.” We can’t do that without reading and studying this precious treasure!
     Ya’ll have a fabulous February – remember your sweethearts on Valentine’s Day – and, as always, KEEP SINGING!


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January's Numbers

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Bus Ministry
Trinity Baptist Church will be starting a Bus Ministry on Sunday mornings throughout the city of Bedford.
We will pick up people and have them here at the Church for Breakfast, SS and Worship Service.

The Bus Route:

Salem Court Apts   8:30 am
Raintree Apts   8:35 am
John Early Apts   8:40 am
Public Library Apts   8:45 am
Pinecrest Apts   8:50 am
Liberty Manor Apts   8:55 am
Trinity Baptist Church   9:00 am

If you, or if you know of someone who would like to be picked up, please contact Bob Chittum, 875-9789, or the Church Office, 586-8010.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1st Annual Matthew 28 Event
Saturday, February 6th

We will begin with Breakfast at 8:30 followed by training on "Going" - Then we wil "Go"
Please Join Us!

Annie Armstrong Easter Offering
February 28 through March
GOAL: $1,500

3rd Annual Soup & Sandwich Dinner every Wednesday in February at 6:00 pm. Everyone invited.

“Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” , Saturday, Feb. 13th at 6:00 pm. This event is always FUN!

Business Meeting , Wednesday, February 17th, at 7:00 pm.

“Men’s Day” , Sunday, February 21st. The men have a great service planned for that Sunday morning. Come and receive a Blessing!

Steak Supper for the Ladies , Sunday evening, February 21st, at 5:00 pm. The men will do the cooking and serving!

Coffee House , Friday, February 26th, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Always a good time!

(call the office at 586-8010 if you have questions about these events.)

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Please help our Pantry by donating!

We appreciate your kind & generous response to our need for more food!

Anything you can donate will be greatly appreciated!


Breakfast Foods: Cereal, Pancake Mix, Pancake Syrup, Jelly
Boxes of Mac & Cheese
Canned Chicken Noodle or Vegetable Soup Kids Food: Canned Ravioli, Canned Spaghetti O's or Spaghetti
Canned Chicken, Canned Pork & Beans
Canned Fruit, Applesauce
Boxes of Instant Potatoes, Boxes of Stove Top Stuffing
Canned Yams/Sweet Potatoes

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